About Me

neues Jahr

My Story

My name is Lynnae, and my travels abroad are rooted in my 11th grade Spanish class. After studying Spanish for two years in high school and a semester of Arabic my first year in high school, I went back to Spanish classes. Then, in 2014, I went abroad for the first time to Oaxaca, México. Three short months later, I was off to Northern Ireland for a semester abroad.

I learned a lot about myself during these two experiences abroad, and I knew that I wanted to go abroad again. In May 2015, I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree in mathematics and economics, minor in peacemaking and conflict resolution. (I’m a wee bit of a nerd…) With this degree in hand, I applied for graduate schools abroad.

Who I Am

I’m an American expat living in Konstanz, Germany, where I’m pursuing my Master’s degree in political economy. I’m addicted to chocolate and tea, love hikes with scenic views, and enjoy hand-written letters alongside a glass of wine.

I started this blog to keep track of my personal experiences abroad and away from home, and to share them with other people. If you’re interested in reading about my authentic story of life abroad, you’re in the right place. I won’t give you lists of the top ten things to do in Europe. Instead, you’ll hear about the good and bad path I’m on, wherever it takes me.

I hope that you enjoy what I have to say in my little corner of the internet. I look forward to sharing my continuing tale with you.


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